How do drones help in Food delivery? Affiliate Aroma


In Australia, a Google-owned company Wing started delivering food items across the country. It was approved by Australian aviation authorities. It delivered food, medication, and drink.

The service also proved to be a gamer changer during the lockdown. When the citizens

We’re not allowed to go out, they used the service to the fullest. It is important to note that Australia started the world’s first drone delivery business.

Companies associated with drone delivery partnered with local food delivery businesses to deliver food items to the locals and to the tourists as well. In Australia, there are tourists throughout the year, so it was the best way possible to fulfill their everyday needs. The drones are lowered in the Yard of paying customers from where they collect the food and the payment is made through online services.


At the start, the service was limited to certain areas and the number of people who can order was also limited. In Canberra, there were 100 eligible homes who can order food or other items but later the service was made available to a larger group of people.

Uber also introduced its drone delivery services under the name of ‘ Uber Eats’. It partnered with different food chains like MacDonald to deliver food items and also plans to work with other restaurants as well. It uses drones and other derive fewer vehicles to carry out the services.

This service is definitely one for the future for it is effective, efficient, and environmentally friendly. It also works well with the new Normal. Delivery through drones ensures as little human contact as possible. This is what the Coronavirus situation demands. It also guarantees social distancing and others SOPs can easily follow through with this service. On the biggest advantage of using drones is that it provides environmental benefits. It has high energy efficiency. As these vehicles are electricity-powered, so there is almost zero carbon dioxide emission. It makes the service more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

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Drone food delivery is way faster than traditional delivery systems. According to a study, drones can carry out 15 deliveries per hour as compared to other ways which can carry out only three. So it makes this service almost four times faster than the old ones. As everyone craves speed these days, drone delivery is definitely their go-to one. The pandemic has given us a clear-cut statement that this service will definitely become popular among customers with the passage of time.

This service has successfully completed its trial in the time of Coronavirus and it shows that it is effective and reliable. Different companies will be joining hands in the future to make it even bigger.

For the tourists in Australia and all over the world, this delivery system was the icing on the cake in the wake of pandemics. Several business Giants including Amazon, Uber, Google have already tested this service and showed their complete confidence that promises good fortune for future business ventures.

According to a report published by Wall Street Journal, different business ventures involving drone delivery provided 4.9 billion dollars to the robotics and drone industry. So this service not only facilitated the tourists and locals but also the mechanical industry as well. In Australia alone, this service added 4.8 million dollars to its annual revenue. There are definitely different limitations involved in such kind of projects which need to be further worked upon. These include the determination of routes in urban areas to increase their efficiency and effectiveness. Weather conditions must be considered for these delivery systems as well. In the Corona pandemic, drone delivery was more relatable than ever as it was contactless but it also demands to be made more reliable to become a go-to service in the future.